Wednesday, 6 January 2016


New update:
It's 00h05 and I'm still up and waiting. Office hours apparently close at 2h00 my time, so I'm staying up till then for the news. In the last 48 hours I've had maybe just eight hours of sleep, and I'm absolutely exhausted. I keep nodding off, but I'm making sure that if I do that I have my hand on my phone so the vibrations can wake me up.
   Since the last panicked post I've reached a more mellow state of nervous wreckage. Just a few of my friends around the world have been accepted, and many more haven't but I won't go into detail.
   The letter has now actually found its way to my grandpa's house in England, but I asked him not to open it unless the email doesn't come, because he's an alumnus of the college, and if anyone delivers disappointing news to him I'd like to be able to do it myself.
   To try and keep myself distracted I've been listening to music I don't normally like, analysing stylistic trends to work out why I don't like it. Boring, yes, and a little bit weird, yes, but it's helping to keep my mind on other things. The increased interest in blogging is also attributable to the stress, so apologies to anyone bored enough to actually be reading the drivel I write.
   I'm going to run off and sit, waiting mindlessly again, but before I go I'd like to put out a good word for "Into the Green" by Joshua Burnell. Google it, read about it, and maybe consider helping out a little. I'm stoked for the album, and hopefully some of you will be too (not a plug, I'm just genuinely keen to hear it).

Till whenever.

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