Wednesday, 6 January 2016


New update:
It's 00h05 and I'm still up and waiting. Office hours apparently close at 2h00 my time, so I'm staying up till then for the news. In the last 48 hours I've had maybe just eight hours of sleep, and I'm absolutely exhausted. I keep nodding off, but I'm making sure that if I do that I have my hand on my phone so the vibrations can wake me up.
   Since the last panicked post I've reached a more mellow state of nervous wreckage. Just a few of my friends around the world have been accepted, and many more haven't but I won't go into detail.
   The letter has now actually found its way to my grandpa's house in England, but I asked him not to open it unless the email doesn't come, because he's an alumnus of the college, and if anyone delivers disappointing news to him I'd like to be able to do it myself.
   To try and keep myself distracted I've been listening to music I don't normally like, analysing stylistic trends to work out why I don't like it. Boring, yes, and a little bit weird, yes, but it's helping to keep my mind on other things. The increased interest in blogging is also attributable to the stress, so apologies to anyone bored enough to actually be reading the drivel I write.
   I'm going to run off and sit, waiting mindlessly again, but before I go I'd like to put out a good word for "Into the Green" by Joshua Burnell. Google it, read about it, and maybe consider helping out a little. I'm stoked for the album, and hopefully some of you will be too (not a plug, I'm just genuinely keen to hear it).

Till whenever.


Just a quick update from the heat of the moment. I slept three and a half hours last night, between 3:30 and 7:00, and finally gave up trying after the ninth dream about a rejection letter from Winterfell. Everything's sort of muddling into one big clump right now. I've had to wait till 17:00 for Corpus Christ's office hours to begin, and now I've waited another two hours and ten minutes while offers slowly begin to roll out. One of my friends has an offer, but for most of us the emails aren't even here yet, so it's just degenerated to nervous jokes and condolences.
   I haven't put my phone down for two hours, I'm feeling really hungry but whenever I get food I feel too sick to eat, I haven't sat down since about five o'clock, and I've started playing some Stones to get me in a pumped up mood (really not working).
   I've made the fatal mistake of forgetting to be indifferent and starting to hope, so from here we'll just have to see how it goes, and whether tonight there will be occasion for a bottle of bubbly or something stiff. I'm expecting the email between now and 1:00, so I'll stay up as long as it takes and let you know when I find out.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Waiting for Oxford

Well I'm better at procrastinating than I thought. I'm getting good at blogging infrequently. I suppose I'll have to apologise for this one for three reasons: (1) it's late, (2) once again the Internet isn't working, which seems to be common in this country, so I'm typing on my phone, and (3) I'm going to babble incoherently because the announcements for Oxford's Corpus Christi applicants are coming out tomorrow and I'm figuratively pooing myself. I'd use a stronger word than pooing but UCAS were very clear in the sign up process that they don't like that.
   Anyway, my holiday has been lovely, thanks for asking. I've done little actual work, read plenty, visited some beautiful sites around KL and managed to fit in six days of Thai culture and beaches again. Always nice to live in SEA and have these places so close to you. I spent a full day off Koh Lanta scuba diving, adding three more dives to my records in preparation for a hopeful future in marine archaeology. One of those dives was also my first wreck dive, on an impressive forty metre former naval vessel, although there were about as many divers (not literally) as there were fish, and given that there were thousands of fish, that made for one hellishly crowded dive.
   I'm ashamed to admit that my presents were mostly antiques and poetry this year, but that's what I like so ho hum. Not much point asking what you got for Christmas, I'm sure there are only three people reading this, two of whom I know, someone if there is a comment section below no one's likely to use it.
   Anyway, Oxford announcements tomorrow, as I said. I've thought of almost nothing else since new year's day, and I think I might be going mad. If I get rejected, however, it will at least make it easier to choose a secure top two universities. I've narrowed it down to Durham and St. Andrews if I don't get Oxford, both of them being places I'd love to study, but if Oxford actually inexplicably wants me then I have no clue what I'll do. Obviously I'll choose Oxford, but then what?
   I'm going to try (and fail) to get some sleep before tomorrow's announcement, and with any luck I'll get back to you cheerfully. Regardless of the outcome, in the interests of being a better blogger, I'm going to do everything possible to write a new blog post no later than the seventh to let you know what's happened. Not that you care, but hey, I have an anonymous Internet crowd that I might be able to be smug to. And if not, I can pretend people will be feeling sympathetic.
   Either way, ta ta for now.

P.S.: Hi Trym! Hi Bapt! Look at me, I'm on the Internet! Also once my laptop is working again I'll upload a couple of photos because words are boring.