Saturday, 5 December 2015

Hello to all two UCAS blog readers!

Hello The Internet! My name is Oscar, current UCAS applicant and  new blogger. Well, not new, it’s just taken me two weeks to find the time to write my first blog post. I could possibly have done it last weekend but I had two research papers due on the Monday afterwards as well as two others later during the week, two tests and two exams. Also somewhere in there was a music festival in Singapore, which may not have been the best idea under such a work load.

Anyway, I’ve been advised that a good way to start might be to introduce myself a little and give some information about my applications and aspirations, so I’ll try and make myself sound like I’m not dull and frigid, or pretentious. You’ll probably get one of the two. Sorry.

I’m an International Baccalaureate student in my final/senior year, currently taking higher level History, English literature, and French as well as three standard level classes. With those, I’m hoping to go into classical history and archaeology, much to the chagrin of the rest of the Model UN team who are all aspiring politicians. They’re convinced that I’ll be wasting my time “digging with spoons”, but the joke’s on them; while they’re sitting in their nice cushy office jobs on six figure salaries and changing the world, I’m going to be the one camping in a wet field with a metal detector and trowel. I think we know who the real winner is here.

I’m the sort of student who takes work a bit too seriously and still manages to be about average, who gets really enthusiastic about some courses and does well in them while neglecting others, who telephones large tea-making corporations at two in the morning to ask them to give me the precise quantity of caffeine in one tea bag for a “critical research paper”, and who is advertising himself well in this paragraph just in case any of the universities he’s applied to are reading this.

I currently live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, an absolutely wonderful place to be except for this year’s haze. Before here I lived in France for twelve years and went to school in Geneva, Switzerland, and before that a measly four years in England, meaning I know nothing about the country I’m “from”, and will have to spend a while getting to know it while at university.

As for my applications, I’ve sent five out through UCAS to Oxford, Durham, St. Andrews, Exeter and York, and I’m leaning towards the idea of sending a few applications out in France if there’s still time. The process so far has been absolutely amazing; I sent my apps out on October third and have had four replies so far – three affirmative, one invitation to interview – which would have been pretty much impossible without our school counsellor and the guidance from UCAS (but I won’t prattle on about them now, I’m sure UCAS will be kicking me to compliment them more in future).

I’ll be in Oxford next week for an interview, so perhaps I can do some blogging from the field, which I’m sure is the sort of thing UCAS wants me to be doing, but other than that I’ll just be rambling on here every now and then about applications and work and student life and archaeology and literature and whatever takes my fancy. I’m sure that all two of you reading this blog, and the one of you that stays around for the rest, will find me slightly boring but just good enough to use as an excuse to procrastinate. Everyone else in the world is probably more like me and doesn’t actually read UCAS blogs, but hey, no one’s judging you.

Till whenever,


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